Hey there, welcome! Let’s talk a little more about us and this website.

Sonar Wars is a website focused on marine electronics. Our primary goal is to help anglers of all skill levels get the best out of their fishing electronics.

Whether that is learning how to use the different features or helping you select the right fish finder – we are here to help.

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Our Content

What kind of information will you find on Sonar Wars?

  • How to use the different features found in today’s fishing electronics.
  • How to read and interpret what you see on the screen.
  • Learn about the different mapping products and how to use them.
  • Learn about batteries, wiring, and rigging to ensure your gear works properly.
  • Help you choose your next fish finder, trolling motor, anchors, and more.

Our Background

Now that you know what we do on this site, you might ask yourself if you can trust us.

We Are:

  • Real fishermen with 20+ years of experience owning boats and rigging them with all types of electronics.
  • Experienced tournament bass fishermen. You don’t need to be a “Pro” to be skilled in the art of fish finders and boating.
  • Experience with hundreds of hours on the water fishing for bass, crappie, and more.
  • Willing to help – Ask us a Question!

We Are Not:

  • Fake fishermen that just want to sell you something.
  • Outsourced writers who know little to nothing about fishing, boats, or marine electronics.
  • Wannabe Pros or Influencers.

For now, we will remain anonymous and strive to bring you the best and most informative marine electronics articles on the web.

Story Time

We started fishing when bass boats still had flashers in the console, and a 5-inch monochrome fish finder was the standard.

We learned how to find fishing spots by looking for the “double echo.” When we found a hard bottom transition next to some grass or rocks, we tossed a buoy off the side of the boat.

And instead of making a waypoint, we had to triangulate with landmarks to find the spot again!

Our first fiberglass bass boat had a Lowrance X65 and Globalmap 3500c on the dash. A color GPS showing lake contours and marking waypoints was an unbelievable luxury at the time.

Bass boat dash with Lowrance and Humminbird electronics.

That boat went through some trolling motors too. From a cheap Motor Guide that blew up to a Minn Kota Maxxum and eventually a Fortrex. Spot-Lock would be many years away.

Bow of a bass boat with trolling motor and foot pedal.

We were late adopters to the imaging world, but we finally jumped in with a Humminbird 596 HD DI on the bow and an 898c HD SI unit that we put on a custom mounting plate with RAM Swivel mount so we could see it on both the Console and Bow. Not the ideal arrangement, but it was awesome!

Bass boat console with side imaging fish finder.

We’ve also replaced and rigged up multiple onboard charger units, like this MK-315D three-bank unit. And more recently, chargers that can work with LiPo4 battery chemistries.

Minn Kota onboard battery charger ready to be installed on a boat.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve installed trolling motors with Spot-Lock, 360 Imaging, Forward Facing Sonar, and all types of fish finders.

We tell you all this to show you our experience in rigging and using all kinds of electronics. We have tried and used just about everything.

We use and know what we write about. Period.

What Does “Sonar Wars” Mean?

The term Sonar Wars was coined to describe the ongoing technology race between major electronics brands.

Every few years, there has been a technological leap that upends things and changes how people fish. Here are a few examples:

  • Lowrance “Green Box” Flashers
  • Paper “Graphs”
  • LCD Displays
  • Lowrance Down Scan Sonar
  • Humminbird Side Imaging
  • Minn Kota Spot-Lock
  • Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging
  • Garmin LiveScope

What could be next? We have no idea, but we plan on being here to learn about it and break it down for y’all.