2014 Humminbird Product Guide


Humminbird is known as an innovator in sonar technology, and 2014 is looking to be a big year. With so many new products coming out over the last few months, it can be hard to keep up. In this guide we’ll help you sort out all of new products and features so that you can make an educated choice when purchasing or upgrading your fish finders for this upcoming season.

What’s New From Humminbird in 2014?

  • New Sonar/GPS Combos – New Low Prices
  • ONIX Touchscreen Series
  • Bow Mount 360 Imaging
  • AutoChart and AutoChart Pro Mapping Cards
  • SmartStrike System

New Sonar/GPS Combos

There is a lot of great news to report regarding Humminbird’s flagship freshwater Sonar/GPS combos this year.

#1 – New Styling

In 2013 Humminbird refreshed their logo design, and it’s now finally pushing through to all of their new products. So what exactly changed? The badges on the front and backs of the units all sport the newly styled bird and font logo, and the keypads have new styling and printing. KVD models are sporting a Red KVD badge over the MMC slots, red Power and Navigational keys, KVD’s signature on the front housing, and a KVD styled Unit Cover.


#2 – What’s Up With Those KVD Models?

The KVD models are not just about styling. They will come with a tips and tricks book as well as several of KVD’s favorite Strike King baits.

#3 – No More GPS Pucks

That’s right, all the new units have an internal GPS receiver, which means the pucks are gone. This is great news for those of you who hate drilling holes in their boats. No more drilling through the gel coat, no more extra holes in your hull.

#4 – New Low Pricing

Perhaps the best news is that Side and Down Imaging is now more affordable than ever. Most, if not all, of the new 800, 900, and 1100 series Sonar/GPS combos have been dropped by up to $500 in price for the 2014 season.

ONIX Touchscreen Series

The all new ONIX series is Humminbird’s entry into high end, super high resolution multi-functional displays, and their first products with touchscreens. The touchscreens have a new gesture based interface that Humminbird calls Cross Touch. Basically this means you can perform various functions with your unit by making specific swiping gestures with your fingers. If you’re used to smartphones and tablets, then Cross Touch will come as second nature.

The ONIX8ci SI has an 8.4″ screen, while the ONIX10ci SI has a huge 10.4” display, both of which are ultra sharp XGA LCD displays, and capable of Down Imaging, Side Imaging, and is 360 Imaging capable.

Bow Mount 360 Imaging

360 Imaging was first released in 2013, but it was only available in a transom mounted configuration. While great for locating structure and fish while idling, this presented some limitations to bass anglers who do all their fishing from the bow.

Thankfully, Humminbird listened to their customers, and developed a Bow Mount 360 Imaging product. The 360 transducer pod mounts securely to the shaft of Minn Kota and Motorguide trolling motors. Now bass anglers are freed to continue fishing at the bow and simultaneously scan in front of them for structure and fish.

360 Imaging is an accessory product, and you will need a 900, 1100, or ONIX series “360 Capable” display to view the 360 sonar data.


The SmartStrike is another SD card product, for ONIX only, that predicts the location of fish based on seasonal data and data from your Humminbird unit like depth, water temperature, and time of day. With those parameters, SmartStrike will highlight likely fish holding areas on your map screen.

AutoChart & AutoChart Pro

humminbird-lakemaster-autochart-pro-250x250This is a killer product that almost nobody is talking about. The Humminbird AutoChart Zero Line SD card uses your sonar and gps data to automatically create highly detailed charts where previously there were none.

Think about the possibilities here; you can now create personal, high detailed maps of your favorite pieces of structure, under-charted backwaters, and even of your unmapped secret trophy bodies of water.

Your personalized maps are created in three steps. First you perform your mapping survey by idling in a criss cross pattern. Second, you will transfer the data from your SD card onto a computer where the data is converted into a detailed map. Finally, you export the finished map back onto your AutoChart SD card and into your Humminbird unit.

Additionally, there will be an AutoChart PRO to give you even more detail about your personal lake chart. The Pro version enhances your map with a Bottom Hardness Indication overlay. This type of detail is extremely valuable to serious offshore fishermen and tournament anglers. The other enhancement is Side Imaging Mosaic, where the AutoChart software can overlay your Side Imaging data into a 3D visualization of the lake bottom.

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